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Topic: 2012 SSIS Deployment and Maintenence

Date:  April 17, 2014

Speaker: Bill Fellows

Overview:   In this session, you'll learn everything you need to know to successfully deliver a modern SSIS solution. We'll cover the mechanics of deployment; creation, configuration and migration of Environment variables; monitoring execution & troubleshooting.



The 2012 release of SSIS focused on improving the management of SSIS packages - post development. This session is going to provide a walkthrough of how you're going to deploy a project to a server and use the new Environments variables to configure its execution. After passing UAT, we'll then deploy to production, migrating our change scripts, monitor package execution and learn how to troubleshoot troublesome packages without editing them.


Session Goal 1

Attendees will understand the project deployment model and their available deployment mechanisms.


Session Goal 2

Attendees will understand how to create, configure and migrate SSIS Environment variables and projects across instances.


Session Goal 3

Attendees will understand the native capabilities for monitoring SSIS package execution and the amazing new tools for natively troubleshooting a package.


About Speaker:   

Bill is a Business Intelligence expert with Valorem Consulting.

6711 NE Birmingham
Kansas City, MO  64117


Sponsor: Valorem Conulting





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